Quality Time

Introducing the new
Maison Organisée
. We’ll be covering topics related to well-being, organization
organization and cleaning
. These themes are the pillars of
Organized Home
the way we take care of you.

We want it to be another channel of exchange, as we do on our other networks, because there are a lot of things we can talk about in this contexe, such as home organization, planning daily routines, healthy eating, cleaning tips, among others.

So let’s start by talking about quality time! Something so rare in our routine, as we have to divide our time between home, work and social life. We live today thinking about what we could have done better yesterday, while planning for the week ahead…
but what about now?
Are you enjoying life? Really? This is the first step towards achieving quality in what we do.

We can plan a family reunion for the next weekend, but when that moment arrives, really live it, don’t let yourself be distracted by your cell phone, observe the details, remember the jokes, the smell of the food, the look on your partner’s face when he smiles, the sound of laughter… In life, there are moments that are like gifts.

This way of thinking can be adopted wherever you go, whether you’re accompanied or not. It’s also important to stress that you deserve a little time to yourself, whether it’s to meditate, say your prayers, go to the hairdresser, read a book – after all, it’s very important to take care of yourself.

So live the “present” moments that life has to offer!

Organized Home, set your heart at rest​
Organized Home, set your heart at rest​