Organized Home, set your heart at rest​

Christmas Countdown

At this time of year, all we want to do is get closer to the people who make the difference in our lives, and that awakens in us the desire to reorganize the place where we spend our best moments – our home.

Christmas decorations can create a more pleasant, joyful and even warmer atmosphere!

This month, we’ll be publishing decorating tips that can be achieved easily and with little investment, as well as recipes to inspire you. But above all, I want to tell you that the biggest tip we can give you is to BE PRESENT during this month! For this, you can already start mentally organizing everything you need to do between now and Christmas, so that your home is in order, decorated and clean to welcome your family.

Here’s a simple, concise planning template with the main tasks, which you can also adapt to your own needs.

By starting to plan early, you’ll be able to

keep your home organized and your heart at peace until Christmas Day!

We wish you all a great start to the festive season, and let the preparations begin!