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Here are a few suggestions for a healthy snack

This week, we’re offering an aperitif with a few savoury options to enjoy without neglecting a healthy diet!

Human well-being is multi-faceted, and in truth, it’s also interconnected, because things don’t work alone, do they?

Enjoying an aperitif, whether in your own company or with someone else, is an act that brings immediate well-being and can have beneficial effects throughout the week. It’s also in these quality moments that we have the opportunity to create emotional memories, so the benefit can go far beyond an estimate of time.

And given these health benefits, we’ve thought of a way to combine this moment with a balanced diet, to preserve not only our mental, but also our physical equilibrium. We can replace conventional, more industrialized accompaniments with natural options.

A selection of vegetables and fruit of your choice, lightly seasoned, can bring greater satiety and complement your diet, which we sometimes lack throughout the day.

Or a salad of cherished tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and a cheese of your choice, preferably cottage cheeses, which are a source of protein and contain less unhealthy fats.

Not a big fan of natural vegetables and need a little more flavour? We recommend homemade pâtés such as black olive pâté, ricotta pâté and Moroccan pâté, made with chickpeas.

For those who prefer warmer starters, a selection of thinly sliced zucchini and eggplant, drizzled with olive oil and pink salt and grilled until golden brown. Then quickly grill tomato slices and assemble a small tower with the 3 elements.

Anything goes, as long as it’s home-made!