Organized Home, set your heart at rest​

Small organizations, big differences

Sometimes, when we think of organization, we automatically wonder about the time and effort involved, as we visualize an entire environment, or even the whole house.

In reality, small organizational efforts can take just a few minutes out of your day. This week’s example can take 15 to 20 minutes of your time and will make all the difference in terms of hygiene, organization and practicality! We suggest you start with small areas of the room. How about organizing just the mugs and glasses that day? It may not sound like much, but check out the benefits below:

  • Check the hygiene of objects, assessing the existence of small dirt or dust that may accumulate over time, especially if they are objects with cavities, and even dust that accumulates in the compartment/shelf. That’s not possible when you’re cleaning the whole house, is it? The long-term benefit is to extend the life of your collections.
  • Organize items according to frequency of use. Place the most frequently used items on easily accessible shelves, while less frequently used items can be stored at a higher or less accessible level.
  • Visual organization is a point often addressed when organizing wardrobes, but it also has advantages in other areas of the home. Starting with certain interior design principles, such as balance, proportion, contrast or texture, you can visually create an interesting, harmonized layout. – Create scale by separating objects by size and creating units – Highlight objects with more interesting colors or textures, especially when displayed through glass doors. For porcelain crockery, it is also advisable to place a protective cover over the shelf on which it is placed, to prevent scratching and cracking.

Here are a few tips you can follow as a starting point for your organizing moment!

And if you’re interested in an organization service , you can count on us! In addition to cleaning, we also work on organization. We are present in the Fribourg, Geneva, Valais and Vaud regions.