Organized Home, set your heart at rest

Discover our company history

We were born out of the need to create a service that allows you to find a balance between your personal and professional life.

Every day, you live in a rush between the Organized Home and work, with no time for you, your family and your ambitions.
In the midst of all this, where does organizing and cleaning your Organized Home leave you?
In our hands.

Get rid of this burden, save time and money.

What we can do for you

Did you know that...

Our company uses only ecological and biodegradable products?
Yes, we do.
All products are chosen with sustainability in mind.
And our mission doesn’t stop there: all the garbage we collect is recycled and disposed of in the most appropriate way.
The environmental cause is a constant preoccupation for us and therefore could not be neglected.

Our corporate values

Fairness – We believe in a society in which everyone is treated equally, so we strive to build a relationship of integrity and respect within the company and in society at large.

Commitment – We focus on quality and efficiency to meet your needs.
We want to be your haven of peace!

Sustainability – Supporting and inspiring society to adopt environmentally-friendly behavior through the use of eco-friendly products.

"Organized Home, set your heart at rest"

Hire our team

Who will take care of your

Organized Home

Our team is made up of experienced and trained professionals.
Ready to provide excellent service and care for your Organized Home.

Organized Home, set your heart at rest​

Clara Steinauer


Where we work

Organized Home, set your heart at rest​

Service booking process

Organized Home, set your heart at rest​

1st: Request a Quote

Organized Home, set your heart at rest​

2nd: You will be contacted by e-mail

Organized Home, set your heart at rest​

3rd: After the conversation, an appointment is made for the day of service.

Organized Home, set your heart at rest​

4th: Depending on the type of service, payment is made by bank transfer.

Service booking process